About Demo

The demo tour provides a ‘hands on’ use of DEPS to view the data required and generate actual reports, Enrollment projections; the number of sections required for planning staffing needs; projected enrollment versus school capacity are some of the reports available.

Most important is the ability to create ‘What If’ simulations called Alternate Enrollment Profiles, which are solutions that can provide a 5 year assessment. The Demo includes alternate profile solutions for overcrowded schools, as described below:

• Modifying the current grade structure

• Creating a ‘Princeton’ plan

• Adjusting Attendance Boundaries

• Closing a school…

To get started, just ‘Create a Free Demo’ account providing your own username and password; complete and submit the form – the demo tour is automatically launched.

You can login at any time using your username and password.

Consult HELP to resolve any questions or call ADS at 973-584-5578