Product Overview

DEPS is a Web based application created by Applied Data Services (ADS) and hosted and maintained by JSE Computers. Only an internet connection and your computer are required for unlimited use of DEPS, at a fraction of the cost for a contracted study. ADS does it all for you – and will input 4 years of historical data for all new subscribers and assist you in creating your district’s first set of reports. A data backup is created for your district on a daily basis.

Quickly Create These Reports

5 Year Projected Enrollments
by building by grade
by district by grade
by district by building
Facility utilization - sections required
Historical enrollment trends
Feeder pattern - ES -> MS -> HS
Special Education growth/decline
Analysis of Survival Ratios for each grade
History of live births
New housing and housing turnovers

What You Can Do

Historical enrollment trends
Analyze ‘What If?’ configurations
Balance school enrollments
Close/open schools
Alternate grade configuration
Princeton Pairings
Alternate feeder patterns
...and more
Evaluate sustainability for any plan for 5 years
Full Day vs Half Day Kindergarten
Ten year projections for secondary grades

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